Would you like access to a professional forager and herbalist to ask questions to?

The idea is that you sign up and we contact each other once a week through Skype/Zoom/Facetime for 40mins to an hour and through What’sApp at other times(within reason).

You can do one session say for plant identification or as many sessions as you like.

I’ll help you identify plants and what they are useful for, which parts to harvest and when in the year. I’ll also help you with recipes and creating culinary delights

This will give you personal direct access to a member of the Association of Foragers.

This is on a ‘pay as you can afford’ basis per session

No income = free

Community groups and charities = free

Tight income = £10

Comfortable income = £25

I don’t need to think about money = £50

I want to help connect more folk to nature and want to sponsor = email to discuss

My usual charge £50 an hour for private events.

Happy to take payment in kind in whatever way you creatively think of. i.e. if your a farmer I’ll happily take your produce in payment. Get creative. We all have something to offer!

My skills are in plant foraging.

Edible plants, medicinal and nutritional properties, cosmetics, food recipes and creating cocktails.

My non areas of speciality are fungi and seaweeds. Just so your aware.