Course Information

Created by Medical Herbalists and Foragers, Natasha Lloyd and Rachel Simmons, these courses will provide a foundation for learning basic foraging and preservation techniques.  Rachel and Natasha have over 20 years of experience working with both plants and people.  

The format of the course is set in a way to follow the seasons – connecting us to nature and the seasons in your local area.  The heart of the course is from Scotland, where we explore the trees and plants that are found here, but have become naturalised elsewhere – likely where you live as well.

We will teach you fermenting, pickling, jams and chutneys.  We will also show you how to make bitters, infusions and tinctures plus infused oils, salves and syrups.  Most courses will celebrate a significant seasonal date, such as the equinoxes and solstices.  Feasting foods will also be covered in most courses and each one will culminate in a bespoke cocktail for each season.

Each course is six weeks long with a break in between of about 1 or 2 weeks. Covered in your course fees is a material supply kit that we will send to you through the post. These materials can be used to create many of the recipes that are included in the course lessons at home. We estimate it will take you four hours to complete each week. On the weeks where there are live webinars, they will be held on a Saturday, and will be recorded for those unable to attend.

The course includes regular communication and access to us as we mark your assignments and chat with you via a WhatsApp group. 

You can sign up for each individual course or you can sign up for All Seasons and save £100.  Our first course begins with Late Spring on the 20th of March 2021.

Course Descriptions

All Seasons 20th March 2021 to 12th March 2022 Click here to join

Save £100 when you purchase the All Seasons course over purchasing them individually.

All the seasons. Throughout the year you’ll learn some botany and useful plants for food including pickling, fermenting, jams, soups and cakes. Plants for cosmetics and how to make them at home. Plants for home remedies alongside some kitchen remedies. Plants for beverages and creating cocktails including bitters, syrups and shrubs.

Enrollment cut off date for the Winter course is the 20th November 2020 so we can send out the material supply kit to you in time. There is some flexibility.

Late Spring 20th March 2021 – 1st May 2021 Click here to join

We’ll guide you through how to make various infused oils. The basics of tincture making. Using your infused oil in salves and moisturiser. Celebrating the Spring Equinox with making herbal chocolates truffles and a cocktail. We’ll look at our environmental impact when foraging and being out in Nature. 

Early Summer 15th May 2021 – 26th June 2021 Click here to join

An abundant time of year we’ll show you how to make herbal syrups, cordials and savoury sauces, delicious pesto and a celebration cake. Explore the flavour wheel and understand more about how we perceive taste and foods. Time to celebrate the Summer Solstice we’ll celebrate with homemade cake and cocktails.

Late Summer 10th July 2021 – 21st August 2021 Click here to join

Time to capture summer in creating herb infused salts, refreshing sorbets, creamy ice creams, salad dressings and all topped off with a cocktail recipe made with your own creations.

Autumn 11th September 2021 – 23rd October 2021 Click here to join

It’s time to preserve the autumn harvest! Learn preservation techniques such as pickling and fermenting. Make your own delicious chutney, punchy ginger beer, seasonal syrups and vinegar shrubs. We’ll celebrate Autumn Equinox with a seasonal cocktail and the preserves we have created. 

Winter 27th November 2021 – 22nd January 2022 Click here to join

Learn the history and making of bitters for digestion and for cocktails.  Learn the basics of identifying trees in Winter. Traditionally a time for feasting, celebrating and being with family, community and relaxing. We’ll show how to make a Christmas pudding. How to preserve using vinegar and honey. No better time than Winter to practice self care and relaxing into the Winter Solstice. The basics of mixology of cocktails and construction with herbal ingredients.  

Early Spring 29th January 2022 – 12th March 2022 Click here to join

The foraging year begins and we will teach you some practical botany. Some exciting recipes that are also healthy Spring tonics that help us adapt to the change of the season. How to collect silver birch sap and how to use it and preserve it. We’ll guide you through the idea that invasive species can be used by us.

Educational Statement

Gathering Nature’s content is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice nor a substitute for medical treatment.  Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine.  Make certain of your identification prior to harvesting any plant or mushroom as ingestion, application, or other use of some plants and mushrooms may cause illness or death.