Pine Pollen

I’m lucky enough to be in a small village in Scotland surrounded by wild natural areas. One common tree here is Scots Pine so an abundance of pollen is released every year. Every year there is a dusting of yellow on our cars and in the streets in the village. This year it has been dry as the pollen is released and you can see swathes of pollen being released. It is really is amazing …

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Dandelion – Taraxacum officinale Dandelion leaves are a delicious addition to a salad and are used in many parts of the world. I like using them as part of a Spring pesto. They have a mild bitterness and sweetness when they are young as the dandelion plant matures and comes into flower the leaves the bitterness increases. So this is the perfect time to get outside and find the leaves to add to your food. …

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Fire Cider

It sounds like a brand of fermented apple juice but it’s not it’s a mix of potent kitchen ingredients that you add to cider vinegar. You can also add a few foraged plants in there too.This is said to be an immune boosting tonic that is easily taken and can be added to your food. I like to sprinkle it on my chips instead of malt vinegar and to a salad dressing. It’s delicious and …

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