Fire Cider

It sounds like a brand of fermented apple juice but it’s not it’s a mix of potent kitchen ingredients that you add to cider vinegar. You can also add a few foraged plants in there too.
This is said to be an immune boosting tonic that is easily taken and can be added to your food. I like to sprinkle it on my chips instead of malt vinegar and to a salad dressing. It’s delicious and you’ll easily find a way to incorporate it into your diet. Or if you prefer you can take a teaspoon of it on it’s own or in some water to soften it slightly. Find what method works for you.

It’s simple and easy to make with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

You’ll need a clean sterilised jar to make it in. It’s better to use a jar you would have been throwing away and then your recycling.

Cider vinegar – although you can use other vinegars but cider vinegar is considered to be the best.
Garlic – said to have antibacterial and some anti viral properties
Ginger – good for circulation and warming
Chilli – warming and said to be good for heart health
Horseradish – traditionally used to open up the airways.
Onion – similar properties to garlic but milder
Turmeric – studies have shown it is anti inflammatory
Black pepper – thought to bring blood vessels closer to the surface and helps with absorption
Honey – ancient and natural sweetener.

Add a few leaves and flowers you find when your foraging.

Garlic mustard – delicious jack in the hedge will give a mustard kick to your cider vinegar
Elderflower – said to be anti viral and tastes amazing
Yarrow – traditionally used for circulation and for bringing out a fever

Please don’t get too hung up on if you have all the right ingredients you can leave out some and add others some like to put extra spices in their fire cider like cardamon or cloves. It really depends what you have in your kitchen and your preference of flavour. Get creative make your own bespoke vinegar for you and those around you. If your vegan leave out the honey and use another natural sugar. Please do not use refined sugar. You can make without any sweeter if you prefer.

Chop the ingredients fairly small say one centimetre and add to your jar fill about half way up the jar and then add the cider vinegar. It takes roughly 2 months for it to be ready, although you can start taking it as soon as you like. Shake the jar with the lid closed every day as this helps release the goodness from the ingredients. It is wise to add a piece of greaseproof paper before adding the lid as the vinegar can damage the plastic seals we have on modern jars.

Enjoy adding this simple and effective kitchen remedy to your world and I hope you have no colds or flu for a while and if you do it’s mild.

Fire cider has probably been used by humans for a very long time. It was Rosemary Gladstar in one of her books in the 1970’s who coined the term and gave us a basic recipe for it’s use and brought it into our modern thinking. Thanks Rosemary for helping us through each cold and flu season.

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  1. Natasha, I seem to have missed/cannot see the recipe for fire cider. Is it elsewhere on the site. Marie

  2. GatheringNature

    Hi Marie, I was having tech issues. Have now changed some technical web stuff and it works. So you should be able to see the full post including the recipe. Thanks for highlighting. Enjoy having fun making your own fire cider.

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