Winter Connection

This time of year is colder and darker. The plants are returning their energy into their roots and getting ready for Winter. How do we still connect to nature and the plants in the Winter months?

Walking in Winter is still a great way to connect to Nature and allow ourselves time outside. Nature has changed so we change to accommodate those changes. The leaves have fallen from the trees but we can still see the trees and identify them through their bark, shape and location. The air is crisper we feel the change of the seasons very well. Our breath can be seen in the cold and we breathe in the colder air. Feeling the changes allows us to connect to Nature. This includes getting cosy in our homes. Bringing in the elements of self care and allowing ourselves time for ourselves is wonderful for Winter. Traditionally just before the Celtic date of Samhin on the 31st October folk would tidy, clean and arrange their homes for Winter. We have lost this a bit in our culture but I feel this is a shame as we see Winter as a negative and wait patiently for the Spring and the warmth to return. If we embrace this time of year and allow it to be a time for ourselves and our family it can be a more positive time. Spring and Summer are generally busy times and seeing Winter as a slower and more creative time of year. What would you like to create? What projects have you not had time to finish? That book you haven’t had time to read!

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