Welcome to our seasonal Scottish foraging and herbal courses.

We invite you to explore and learn with us through the seasons beginning the 20th of March 2021.

This exciting set of online courses have been created and developed by Medical Herbalists and Foragers, Natasha Lloyd BSc (Hons) MNIMH AOF and Rachel Simmons BSc (Hons) MNIMH, of Gathering Nature.

Each of our courses are tailored to provide experiential connection with the magic of seasonal foraging which goes far beyond gathering plants, and draws on  many years of accumulated research. We will escort you through our in-depth experience of the processes that extract the active properties of plants we gather. We will show you how to produce a number of useful products from plants from food, medicinal preparations, cosmetics, and crafts, and we shall celebrate the closing of each course together with a special seasonal cocktail.

The activities we practice together, under our supervision, are geared towards sharing positive ideas together within each course, fostering a sense of greater connection to the earth and a better understanding of our own health with the ultimate goal being the possibility of helping others and helping  heal the imbalances of the modern world which are becoming so apparent today.

We are building a community and we're inviting you to join us.


Find out more about plants in their environment. What properties they have and what dangers they can hold.

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Discover recipes and learn to create them at home. Many of the ingredients required are sent to you with each material supply kit.

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Create your own cocktail components such as simple syrups, shrubs and bitters. Learn the basics of mixology using foraged plants.

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How you will learn

  • Regular contact and feedback from us
  • Course includes a material supply kit
  • Live and Recorded webinars
  • Recipe storyboard and videos
  • Marked Assignments
  • Plant monographs including audio
  • Access to course WhatsApp group
  • End of module quiz
  • Completed course certificate

Course Dates 2021/2022


Late Spring         20th March - 1st May 2021

Early Summer    15th May - 26th June 2021

Late Summer     10th July - 21st August 2021

Autumn                11th September  - 23rd October 2021

Winter                  27th November  - 22nd January 2022

Early Spring       29th January - 12th March 2022


Join our community

We limit each course to forty registered students so we can have regular and attentive communication with you throughout the courses. Gain access to us on a regular basis.