Medical Herbalist and Forager – Natasha Lloyd Bsc (Hons) 

Learn to connect with nature and your natural environment and discover which plants you can use for food, medicine, cosmetics and cocktails!

 I can guide you to the plants through a walk, workshop or webinar. I can help you understand the flavours and properties of plants for your project or business and to help you gain better health through plants with a consultation. Based in Deeside, Scotland. 

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Phone – 07770 894412

Medical Herbalist and Forager – Rachel Simmons Bsc (Hons)

Learn to connect with nature through walks, workshops and webinars. 

The medicinal side of plants is my passion and I love teaching as well as practicing. I’ll guide you in your journey to understanding plants not just for medicine but also for food and cosmetics. Based in Houston, Texas. 

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